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The realms of science have always fascinated mankind and are able to give answers to many questions of life. Astronomy is a major branch of science. For several years now, thanks to the availability of outstanding CCD cameras, webcams also the amateur astronomer has been able to produce top quality images that, just two decades ago, could only have been generated using huge professional telescopes with an optic diameter of over one (1) meter. Nevertheless, these highly sensitive CCD cameras call for optical systems of an equally high quality because the chip size of digital SLR or CCD cameras is getting bigger and bigger. Many images acquired using products of other manufacturers show intense blue fringing; also the stars look inflated and thus unnatural. These features indicate optical systems of a lower quality. This is where our APM Triplet (three lenses) System excels. The specially developed and intricately manufactured field flatteners get the very most out of your APM Apochromat – flat image fields right into the corners, even when large chips are used!

APM APO Take the advice of the very best amateur astronomers! You will discover that an APM Apochromat was the chosen optical device for many spectacular images. Here on this website you can view a wide selection of magnificent, striking images taken of our universe. We have gained a great deal of practical know-how from our experience in this field and by building this telescope we can share it with you.

However, it is not just the keen astro-photographer who can benefit from enhanced materials, knowledge, technology and processing, also the visual night sky observer is on the winning side. Particularly the increase in light contamination has lead to a boom in lunar and planetary observation among amateur astronomers, because these objects do not require a pitch black sky. Even under detrimental urban light conditions the moon and planets can be studied in all their glory. Our APM Apochromats have been designed by the legendary and world famous optic designer TMB optical. These designs and the extremely precise optical/mechanical manufacturing guarantees maximum correction of chromatic aberration and allow lunar, planetary and deep sky observations that are rich in natural, detailed rendition and practically free of color fringing.

APM APO We concentrate on an ergonomic and compact design for easy handling and transport. To enhance these properties further, and at the same time offer the visual observer even greater features, we manufacture APM telescopic tubes in a short size using highly accurate calculations. There is practically no other telescope manufacturer who can fall back on the wealth of experience that we boast. We have optimized this system over many years, consistently and without compromise. This allows you to omit the somewhat cumbersome Glaswegkorrektor, even if you are using a binocular attachment. You therefore do not have to unnecessarily increase your selected magnification and can enjoy wide-field deep sky observation using both eyes. This is where many other manufacturers fail! Based on this specific shortening of the tube the modern astro-photographer can even use heavy CCD cameras with filter wheels, without focusing problems.

APM APO To enable the keen solar enthusiast to study solar systems successfully and carry out deep sky observations, even under the aforementioned poor light conditions that are found in urban areas, or for the astro-photographer to get the right exposure to capture the full splendor of the Orion nebular, for example, we have implemented design measures in the form of high-precision aperture systems which reduce false light and provide maximum contrast rendition. Every APM Apochromat features a sophisticated aperture system that is specifically adjusted to each optical system. Another major advantage when you purchase an APM Apochromat is the US-manufactured Starlight Instruments Feathertouch focuser with its planetary gear system, an extremely sensitive 1:10 micro reduction! With this feature you can, for example, at maximum magnification, adjust the Cassini divisions at the famous rings of planet Saturn, and determine the exact focus point of your telescope. It goes without saying that this will also delight the discerning astro-photographer when focusing – images no longer lack sharpness. Don’t underestimate the important properties of a good focuser – always use the Feathertouch – we always rely on top quality.

APM APO We have been manufacturing high-end objective lens telescopes with apochromatic lenses for over a decade and are now proud to be able to advance and expand our product range to an even higher level. From Apochromats with 4“ optics up to a 530mm Triplet Apo – in doing so we are not only setting a mark but also standards!

Please always remember that we have one of the most fantastic hobbies in the world, don’t ruin it, choose quality instead. Only quality can ensure long-lasting pleasure and enjoyment!